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Arriving back in Dublin airport at 5.30am was a huge adrenaline surge as then of course you had to run the dreaded gamut of green channel versus red channel.Back then, the big thing among us shoppers was, “well? ” Discreet shopper-speak for “Make it through customs”.Be honest with what is a cliché (and try to avoid them). Make your self-summary feel like the first line of a novel."Recognize when you're repeating something that you've heard," said Dan, one of the attendees, and then try to eliminate it from your profile. It needs to be the "hook." The "about" section is where you can sound most generic, Eggers told Dan, so make sure you hook people in like you would in a book.

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Here are seven simple tips to change your profile right away to help you fill your date card by the weekend. Using this screen name caught eyes of men who liked music.

The resulting student projects were excellent and more creative than I ever imagined.

Emma enjoys matchmaking and believes she is particularly gifted at bringing couples together.

I’ve been in love with the place ever since I first went there on a family trip way back in the dim, distant Eighties, to support my Dad who was a regular runner in the NYC marathon. “Because this will clearly identify you as a tourist and to a thief, you might as well have a neon sign over your head saying ‘mug me! Failure to do this,’ we were warned, meant they’d just chop off your finger to get the ring off you quicker. Anyway, the whole trip passed off without any of us being hospitalised, mugged or ending up on NBC news in a body bag.

Manhattan then, though, was a very different place to the sparkling metropolis it is today; back then it was pre-Giuliani and the whole city was scary, seemingly overrun with gun crime and where apparently a mugging happened every two seconds. I’ve a distinct memory of a tour guide warning us at all costs not to stand still on the streets to look up and admire the vast skyscrapers like the Chrysler or the Empire State. Like the Paddies that we are, we stayed in Fitzpatrick’s, because God forbid my mother would have to go a day without her Lyons tea, Kerrygold butter or The Irish Times.

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