Dating car registration numbers

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Its also very popular with coach and haulage companies to buy blocks of consecutive registration numbers to hide the age of their buses and lorries.

Most of the cheap number plates we have advertised are held on retention certificates for easy transfer, so we can usually have your reg plates changed over within 10 days.

With its somewhat arcane nature, it’s astonishing that the system became so familiar – the only way to understand it was to memorise what each letter meant. Why buy a car in July when you could have one on with the latest registration mark on 1 August?

Also included, where known, are the date periods that these car registration numbers were used in.The data covers the period of 1900 through to 1972, so registrations seen on later cars wouldn't necessarily be included in this information.The majority of post-war car numbers incorporate a three letter code - where this is the case, letters 2 and 3 signify the location code.Retention of an old registration Number is entirely at the discretion of the DVLA.Italian manufactured Vespas have a Number with a prefix beginning with the letter ‘V’ for both engine and chassis numbers.

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