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The city’s mayor, Mark Lewis, has even dubbed East Main Street “Little Baghdad” for its many Middle Eastern markets and shops.As many as 50,000 Chaldeans have found a new home in the El Cajon area, where inland San Diego County’s sunny and warm climate evokes memories of their homeland. El Cajon celebrated its centennial last month; the century-old city epitomizes small-town America.~~~We have unquestionably changed the Speed Dating scene and attracted a more sophisticated crowd than ever before.Our unparalleled popularity, a relaxed sensibility to events combined with a less is more approach is what separates us from the rest.The two men met in 2013 after Meza, a body-builder who admitted in a video that he was straight but did “gay things” for money, posted an online ad. Merendino was smitten and the two dated long distance.Merendino answered the ad, paying Meza 0 to visit his Pacific Beach hotel, said Assistant U. Soon after Meza began sprinkling emails with “I love you,” he began to receive lavish gifts from Merendino.Beginning in the UK and moving our unique brand of Speed Dating & Matchmaking to the States in 2007, it has been a whirlwind of fun since the moment we opened the doors.

Jurors reached the verdict — guilty of foreign murder of a U. national and conspiracy to obstruct justice — after a week of deliberation.

Since the Iraq War began, many Iraqis have come to El Cajon, which now has the largest population of Iraq War refugees in the world and the second highest Chaldean population in the United States after Detroit. El Cajon’s Chaldean newspaper, Betha Kaldaya (Chaldean House), stopped publishing last spring but owners expect it to be back up and running soon.

And a Chaldean TV station broadcasts globally over the Internet. The annual Chaldean festival in September, sponsored by the Chaldean American Institute, draws thousands, celebrating ancient heritage and new traditions.

Where we felt other companies lacked or overdid, we have redefined.

Attracting a dater who doesn't settle and prefers a low key approach to meeting others.

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